row of bottles of beads

My passion (addiction), for beads started with a visit to my friend Joyce Chadroff's house, another working artist. She was making huge wall hangings with wire and beads. I was smitten, and she offered to show me how she did her pieces. The piece I made was a beaded and wire cage to cover my dining room chandelier. I just loved the piece and the beads - in fact I REALLY loved the beads.

Then a long time memory returned to me. As a child I had an Indian loom (now just called a loom), and all these small beads (now called seed beads) in lots of colors in tall skinny glass vials which I kept in a used cigar box. I loved to take the beads out and look at them and rearrange them in their box. I loved the beads more than making the pieces - I thought the designs were boring.

Now, I still get very excited about my beautiful beads, which in turn give me the inspirations for my designs.

I hope you enjoy the collections as much as I enjoy making them.